Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly

6 Ways to Become Environment Friendly

There is no hard and fast set of rules to follow for becoming environment friendly. All it takes is a little bit of sense for the thought of sustainability and healthy living. There are several organizations and communities which are working conserve natural resources and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. But how do you contribute to the sustainable conservation of resources and protection of nature without joining any community or organization? Here are the seven ways to start your environmental friendly living.

Learn about resources

There are several resources that we use in our daily life which can be divided into different categories based on their availability and requirement. Learn about the resources that you use and change the amount of consumption based on your need and how much you can save. Awareness about how you use the resources will affect sustainability to a great extent.

Practice conservation

As you grow your knowledge about renewable and non renewable resources, start implementing the conservation in your life. You can start by saving electricity by turning off lights on leaving a room and slowly move higher with measures for home renovation to make it more ecofriendly. You can install solar panels, rain water harvesting and more plants to create a healthy environment.

Plant Tree

Plant trees

It may sound like a difficult task to maintain, but trees do not require taking care of if you know which seeds to sow. If you have space for growing a tree which can provide you with shelter, fruits and fresh air, why should you stop yourself? Also, protect the trees in your locality. Do not cut them and let anyone cut them unless it is really important.

Conserve water

Conserving water is one of the things which a person should do at the very first stages of living environment friendly. As it takes a lot of energy and effort to get drinking water at our homes, conserving the water can save a lot. Some of the ways of doing so is to fix leaking pipers, use rainwater for cleaning and watering use, take short showers and turn of the tap when not using it.

Change travel habits

You would have been a person who travelled without care. Spending on the fuel seems like a good idea when you love to take your car out. But it is not necessary to take your car everyday if your workplace is only a small distance away. Instead, you can use the buses and carpools to save on fuel. It will make a difference in the amount of remaining fossil fuel.

Protect Wildlife

Protect Wildlife

You might not even believe that more than 10,000 species go extint each year and no one is covering this issue. The way to be helpful here is to be precautious about dirtying the places which are or close to the habitats of animals such as rain forests, beaches, and local jungles. You can join government wildlife agencies to volunteer for animal protection tasks.