Mini Tractor

Choose a Mini Tractor

Handling a large piece of land with manual tools is difficult. Here you can not do without special equipment. The minitractor will become a real assistant for the farmer or summer resident. This technique will “work” during planting, harvesting. In addition, you can purchase equipment for him for hilling, cultivating or plowing the land.

Gardeners will need such a function as cleaning bushes and any growth from the site. In winter, when piles of snow prevent even the gate of the house from getting through, a small tractor is especially useful. He will quickly deal with snow blockages. Transport significantly saves fuel.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a mini tractor, you should understand what tasks it should perform. Small special equipment can easily cope with mowing, cultivating the land of a plot of up to 0.5 hectares. If you intend to use a tractor for cleaning snow, arranging drainage, it is worth choosing a more powerful device. It is worth paying attention to such a parameter as the turning radius.

The dimensions of the equipment are important. The ratio of mass to power should be as follows: 50 kg / 1 hp A manual gearbox is better suited for working with the ground, an automatic gearbox is suitable for mowing lawns and snow removal.

When choosing pay attention to the engine. This energy source drives additional equipment, devices. Engines with power up to 12 kW are installed in factories. Most often, carbureted engines are found. The best option would be 4-stroke diesel engines. They are quiet, non-toxic, affordable. Engines are quite reliable, therefore, they occupy leadership positions among other types.