oak Barrels

Oak Barrels for Wine

In France, not all experienced winemakers prefer to use an oak wine barrel in their business. This is undoubtedly an expensive pleasure, since the price of one barrel reaches 800 euros.

In addition, the oak barrels park will need to be updated every 3 years, since the first few years the barrel will “share” tannins, after which the effect of tannin on the drink is greatly reduced. It is worth knowing that not all wine will receive a good effect from an oak barrel. Say, white wines are more aged only in steel barrels; sometimes concrete barrels are used to preserve the aroma and freshness of the wine.

Why use oak barrels?

During the aging of wine in such a barrel through the small pores of the tree, the wine has the ability to breathe, thus, it receives a large amount of oxygen. As a result, wine barrels give the drink a tart and seasoned taste.

The most important role will be played by the level of roasting with barrel fire and also the size of the wine barrel. When the wood is processed by fire, at the same time the structure of the wood will change, the sugar that is present in the wood is caramelized and certain aromatic components go away.

Strong roasting of a tree does not suit all wine; after such roasting, its taste can become quite harsh and sharp. For this reason, all winemakers prefer to create an aging wine of different durations and use barrels with different levels of firing, so the taste is diverse.

The larger the size of the oak barrel, the slower the oxidation process will take place, and the wine barrel will practically not affect the taste of the wine.

Small barrels will give the drink the maximum amount of tannins, they are mixed with wine and provide it with an amazing aroma.