Purchase of radio components in Kiev

Buying radio components is a unique service that will help you turn trash from old electronics and appliances into money. Every house probably has old and unnecessary equipment that has been lying around since the days of the USSR: old computer boards, radio tubes, relays, radio equipment and TV. All this garbage does not carry any value for you and just rolls around idle, littering the territory. It’s time to turn this trash into money!

Thekievtimes will buy all the equipment, appliances and electrical parts at a high price. We buy parts and equipment in any volume and in any condition. In most types of equipment there are not so many precious metals, and the rest of the contents is just scrap, so the necessary metal or parts for sale must be removed. If you are unable to disassemble the device and remove valuable parts from it, we will do it for you! It is enough to make one call and our specialist will go to your address and dismantle the equipment absolutely free.

A complete list of parts and equipment that we buy can be found in our price list . We have one of the highest purchase prices in Ukraine, a current, updated price. To wholesale and regular customers we always make concessions in the form of overpricing and offer the best conditions. We work with both individuals and legal entities, if necessary, draw up all the necessary documents for tax reporting.

On our official website  there is all the necessary information about prices, delivery and dismantling of equipment. If you have questions or suggestions, then call the phone number listed on the site.